Why Choose Italy for your Sports Vacation?

Italy is a great location for sports, with a range of sporting events taking place throughout the year, including the 6 Nations Rugby in Rome, the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza, the MotoGP, Serie A Football and the Rome ATP Tennis Masters. There are also some beautiful golf courses in Tuscany that can be enjoyed on a golfing vacation in Italy. Part of what makes Italy such a desirable location for a sports vacation is the enthusiasm of Italians for sports and the vibrant atmosphere surrounding any sporting event that Italy hosts – there really is nothing like Rome when Stadio Olimpico is hosting a 6 Nations match!

Then there are of course the iconic sights that you can enjoy during your sports vacation in Italy that you just don’t get anywhere else. Imagine strolling around the Colosseum in Rome and then joining the rugby fans on a bar crawl along the River Tiber to the Stadio Olimpico for a 6 Nations rugby match! Or perhaps visiting the Vatican City before an epic tennis battle at the ATP Masters.

And of course it’s not just fans of the rugby that get to enjoy scenic attractions in Italy – many fans who flock to Italy to see the Monza Grand Prix choose to stay in Milan. Here, you can spend an afternoon shopping in the designer boutiques or walking around the city centre seeing the gothic Cathedral and other attractions. If you’re a fan of football, you could take the hop-on/hop-off bus to the San Siro Stadium on the outskirts of the city, or you could even pre-book a stadium tour.

However, it’s perhaps the fans of MotoGP that get the best treat as the San Marino MotoGP takes place on the Italian Riviera, featuring some of the best beaches and coastlines in Europe. If you’re visiting San Marino for the race, considering staying in Rimini, which has been described as the Miami of Europe thanks to its white sandy beaches and party atmosphere!


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