Ticket Options for 6 Nations Matches at Stadio Olimpico

If you’re planning a trip to watch the 6 Nations in Rome in 2020 then you may be thinking about what tickets to get – after all, getting the right tickets is a crucial part of the trip! We offer four different ticket options for our 6 Nations rugby packages to Rome: Curva, Monte Mario Alta, Monte Mario Media and Monte Mario Bassa. But what do these names mean and which is the best ticket option for you? Here, we give you a brief guide to the Stadio Olimpico ticket options to help you choose the right tickets for your 6 Nations trip to Rome.

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Curva e Distinti Nord/Sud

Curva seats are at the short-end of the stadium, behind the goal posts. They are the most economical option and are included in our standard 6 Nations rugby package as standard. Because the seats are behind the posts, they are a great option for seeing the tries and kicks up-close. That said, being at one end of the pitch, you are also further away from the action taking place at the opposite goal line.

Distinti seats are on the curves of the stadium, again at the short-end sections. Similar to the Curva seats, this does mean you’re close the goal posts at one end of the stadium but are further from the action taking place at the opposite end of the stadium.


Monte Mario

The Monte Mario (aka Tribuna Ovest) seats stretch along the long sides of the stadium where the players come out from, making them perfect for catching as much of the on-pitch action as possible. This makes them more expensive than Curva and Distinti tickets, and we offer upgrades on our standard package if you would prefer Monte Mario tickets for your rugby trip to Rome. There are three options when it comes to the Monte Mario tickets, which refer to how high up you are in the stadium.


These are the most economical option of the Monte Mario tickets and the seats are quite high up, meaning you have panoramic views of all the action on the pitch. That said, you will obviously be further from the players and, because the seats are quite high up in the stadium, we wouldn’t recommend this ticket option to those with a fear of heights or significant mobility issues as there is a long sloping ramp and steps up to the seats.


You may have guessed from the name that these seats are not as high up as the Alta seats in the Monte Mario section. They are therefore a little more expensive, but you are closer to the pitch, meaning that you have a closer view of the action.


These are the most expensive Monte Mario tickets that we offer in our 6 Nations packages to Rome, and they are a great option if you want a fantastic view of the players and all the action on the pitch. They are not pitch level, so in these seats you’ll be treated to an unrivalled panoramic view while not being too high up.


Accessible seats

There are also options for wheelchair users at the stadium in an accessible section where there is more room. If you would like to buy one of our 6 Nations rugby packages to Rome and are a wheelchair user, do get in touch to find out more about the ticket options.


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